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Team Building Benefits
Team Building Benefits

Team building

Corporate team building is a vital part of company development and there is no better way to facilitate this than by taking a group out to engage in one of our specially designed competitive events. All our events, including the treasure hunts, are not simply fun but they set goals for the teams challenging them to use all their skills to complete the tasks within a set time. We will highlight any specific element required but communication is always important within a team involved within the activity. The benefits will be clear to see at the conclusion of the event and these can be carried forward and built upon in the future.

Personal Development

Competitive corporate events are great places for personal development objectives. Team members can achieve significant personal growth discovering new talents, higher motivation, better communication and a new self-confidence. Our activity days encourage people to interact, communicate and project both within their team and also within the whole group. With a variety of tasks to complete all team members will be fully engaged giving them the chance to build new levels of confidence and motivation.

Conference or Group Meeting Activity

Conference meetings are vital to modern corporate development allowing staff from different offices and locations the chance to get together, build new team bonds, improve communication, share new ideas and discuss future planning. Within a conference agenda the inclusion of a team building activity gives a group the chance to relax and interact in a less formal environment and enjoy the surroundings of the conference venue. All this can be tailored to reflect the company’s core values and current strategies, or any other important elements, giving the event value and relevance within the context of the conference or meeting.


There are considerable benefits to be had from taking a corporate group outside the workplace whether for team building, reward or celebration. An away day enables staff to focus on communication and interaction which will help them to build stronger bonds which can significantly improve business performance. The events can be designed to highlight any particular elements of the company, its business and its future development and the spirit engendered can be taken back and used to boost morale, motivation and confidence.

Ice Breaker

Business re-structuring is a common feature in the corporate world which results in new divisions and groups being created and leading to a vital requirement for ice breaking activities. It is important to establish strong bonds, excellent communication and a powerful team spirit. A team building event such as a treasure hunt designed as an ice breaker can give a new group the ideal opportunity to get to know each other in a more relaxed but competitive environment. The activity can be tailored to reflect the values and objectives of the company giving it a business focus whilst establishing that crucial team spirit.


The intensity of an internship or induction programme is a highly focused process requiring individuals to absorb a considerable amount of detailed information. The chance to take part in a competitive and exciting event within this process, gives groups the opportunity to focus on establishing new bonds, developing communication skills and acquiring a strong team ethic in a fun environment. Additionally a treasure hunt or another team activity from our range can also reveal previously unheralded skills which can be of value in career development.

Product Launch

Finding an innovative way to promote a new product can be a challenge but a specially designed team activity such as a treasure hunt could be just the answer. All elements of the event can be tailored to highlight the attributes of the new product in a fun and creative way whilst company members can interact with prospective customers or promoters to establish stronger bonds and, most importantly, boost sales and marketing in a powerful and memorable way.

Client Entertainment

Finding new ways to entertain new or established clients can be a challenge but a competitive team activity gives the opportunity to further these relationships in an exciting and memorable way whilst being highly cost-effective. Taking part in a treasure hunt, or another activity from our range, will make clients feel valued as they enjoy an action-packed and highly entertaining event.

Staff Reward and Celebration

Successful business performance and milestones are the perfect opportunity to show staff how much they are valued. A competitive and fun activity such as a treasure hunt can provide a memorable occasion which can also have lasting benefits for the future of the company. The focus is on team spirit, communication and interaction and the event can be tailored to reflect elements of the business in an entertaining and creative way. Rather than simply offering a dinner or party, one of the products from our range will give extra value and benefits to both the company and its staff so everyone wins!

International Group

For international companies regular meetings involving various national offices are crucial to global success. A competitive team challenge from our range can be the ideal opportunity for the group to break out, sample the culture and heritage of the city or town whilst encouraging teamwork, competition, interaction and inspiration. The event can be tailored to reflect the focus of the meeting or otherwise just be the chance for the group to relax whilst forming stronger bonds within the team. If time is limited we also offer a series of indoor activities which can be incorporated into the agenda at the conference or meeting venue.

Foreign Language Group

The UK is an increasingly popular destination for foreign companies for meetings and conferences. Time is precious often not giving the participants’ many opportunities to explore the sights and sounds of the chosen location. A treasure hunt, or similar competitive team challenge, is the perfect chance for a group to discover the history and culture of their location whilst continuing the themes of their meetings. These can be tailored into the content whilst giving them the chance to relax, have some fun, build stronger working relationships and improve communication. Activefootprint will supply the whole event in the required language with a skilled linguist as host.

Private Party

Special celebrations can be even more memorable by including an action-packed and fun competition for friends and family. Hen or Stag Party, Birthday, Wedding Anniversary or just a good excuse for a party, our events will make the day special and one that will live on in memories for years to come. A treasure hunt or taxi challenge, themed to the particular person and occasion, will set the party off with a bang and will provide some outstanding photographs for the album! We can offer the right event for any location - just contact us and we will do all the work. You can just relax and have fun!!

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