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The Comedy Challenge

comedy challenge

LOL??? This is the team event which will make you do just that and is a great new way to develop your presentation and communication skills! This new competitive team event will be suitable for any meeting room or venue and proves that comedy is not just for laughs but can be a great idea for all aspects of team building, ice-breaking, and personal development or just simply for a fun event.

Team Building Event


We will design and tailor The Comedy Challenge to your corporate requirement reflecting your group, your objectives and your values.

The event will be hosted and managed by our professional, experienced and friendly staff. The introductory briefing will explain the challenges which, with their variety, will keep everyone completely engaged and entertained. These include:

WHAT’S SO FUNNY?? - What is Comedy? Why does it work? What makes you laugh?

Improvisation - Free thinking and free expression just let your imagination take flight.

Comedy Sketch - Design, produce and perform a short piece of classic comedy.

WHERE AND WHEN? The Comedy Challenge can take place in any room or exclusive area with sufficient space for the teams to work comfortably in break-out groups and then to gather together for their memorable (?) performances. The time frame will be tailored to your requirement but the event is normally run over a period of 3 to 3 ½ hours and time truly does fly when you are enjoying yourselves!!

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