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Hampton Court and Tower of London CSI Murder Mystery

Hampton Court Murder Mystery - Team Events

Everyone loves a bit of mystery and intrigue! How good are your investigative skills? Dark secrets are hidden and you can select either of these great landmark locations for this inventive and exciting event.

Solve our murder mystery while you explore these magnificent historic buildings.

Team Building Event

This innovative challenge gets teams to pit their wits against their colleagues to answer the key questions. WHO? WHY? HOW?

These historic palaces with their great historic grandeur are amazing places to explore and can you untangle the maze of information and recognise the truth from deceit? 

  • Uncover vital evidence
  • Check the alibis
  • Identify the key suspects
  • Finally uncover the murderer and lay this ghost to rest

The CSI Murder Mystery can be tailored for your requirement and time frame. Ideal for all seasons this event is a great option for team building, group development, away day, incentive, celebration or simply for fun.

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