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Online Team Events


Christmas IS coming and ‘Tis the Season to be JOLLY!

Deck the Virtual Halls - Christmas is a great time to get together and step away from all the trials, tribulations and hard work of the past year and that has never been more true!

The Christmas List - Happiness, laughter, excitement, togetherness and some fun and games will bring comfort and joy to all.


Remote Team Events for Christmas

Santa Claus is coming to town - Let us bring the festivities to you, wherever you are, online via a video platform – well it is quicker than a sleigh with reindeer – even magic ones…..


THE SECRET SANTA GAMES - A Festive team competition which is a stocking stuffed with fun-filled and action-packed games. This event will thaw the ice, warm even the coldest igloo and cheer up the gloomiest scrooge. Let our team of merry elves run the show.

It’s a winner and you could be too!

VIRTUAL SANTA – Claus for celebration! The ultimate party guest for your online Christmas party and who better to come and get everyone in the mood with some fun and surprises. Send a letter (well ok email or text) and tell us about your team, your plans and Santa will help wrap it all together.

THE VIRTUAL CHRISTMAS TREASURE HUNT – dashing through the snow! Climb into your virtual sleigh and travel the world on the hunt for iconic Festive locations and magic up some gifts for the Christmas stocking scavenger hunt along the way. An imaginative mix of cryptic clues and creative skills will speed you on to a sleigh ride to success.

Don’t feel Remote bring your team in out of the cold for some festive fun and games.

BOOK NOW and Yule log on to some real Festive fun – the perfect gift for you and your team.

NOTE – we also offer our regular Christmas Events where possible...Read more

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