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Spies in a Cab

spies in a cab

Work undercover as the future ace secret agents in London. With the aid of one of those experts in all the dark arts of espionage – the London Cabbie explore the iconic locations with their links to spies old and new real or possibly fictional. This competitive team event challenges you to use all your skills and ingenuity as you aim to be the new master spies.

Team Building Event


We will design and tailor the Spies in a Cab challenge to your corporate or private requirement reflecting your group, your objectives and your values.

This is an exciting outdoor team building activity with a roof! It is a great way to see the highlights of the City in comfort and in a relatively short time.

The event will be hosted and managed by our professional, experienced and friendly staff. The introductory briefing will explain the challenges which, with their variety, will keep everyone completely engaged and entertained. These include:

  • Problem Solving
  • Spy Design Challenges
  • Photo Missions
  • Code Breaking
  • Interactive Elements

Teamwork, great communication, time management (the clock will be ticking), interaction with other teams, creativity and innovation are all key to success. The finale will highlight some of the exceptional contributions and will conclude with the announcement of the new cell of super spies.

Spies in the Cab is ideal for all aspects of team building, staff development, ice breaking or simply as a memorable reward or celebration.

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