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The Great Activefootprint Menu – SERVING UP A RECIPE FOR SUCCESS!

Great activefootprint menu

Food glorious food! Feeling hungry and got an appetite for a competitive challenge? This is the one for you! Explore the incredible diversity of world cuisine in one of the great areas of your city or town and undertake a series of food related outdoor and indoor challenges including a lip-smacking taste test.

Imaginative, creative and ideal for anyone with an appetite for success and budget friendly so that you can feed your hungry teams after the event!

Team Building Event


A combination of outdoor and indoor elements -this is a great team building event and excellent fun as well. The event has a mouth-watering menu of challenges which will make you hungry for success.


We will create the perfect experience for your group to maximise your objectives for the day. The smorgasbord of activities will require different skills and mind-sets to keep everyone engaged in this highly competitive event.


As in all competitions there are winners but there is so much to gain for everybody. Medals for the winning team and even the last team do not go away empty handed with wooden spoons as prizes – what else for a food event??


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