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The Motivation Games

Motivation Games

Get together for a super-charged hour of games designed to effortlessly reset and refresh your group.



Team Building Event

Games for Collaboration, Creativity, Connection and Fun!

This is a team activity without the pressure of competition but with all the benefits of play. Be ready, for a super-charged hour of games guaranteed to get you out of your seat, energised and (re)connecting with colleagues


We talk with you before to ensure your session is tailored to your specific goal:

  • Boost wellbeing.
  • Banish the demons of isolation.
  • Give an energy boost.
  • Light a creative spark.
  • Strengthen relationships.
  • Improve collaboration and communication


All the proven holistic benefits of playing games comes naturally to people which means your team won’t feel like they have to ‘try’ or to ‘work’, so it feels like pure fun with no pressure.

And if the feedback is to be believed, the value continues on, long after we’ve left you


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