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The Multi-Activity Challenge

Multi Activity Challenge Team Building Event

The Multi-Taskers Championship! Exclusively Indoors or a combination of indoor and outdoor elements to suit your location and the weather!

Ideal for any meeting room or venue this event is can also be run during the evening for sheer entertainment. An exciting competitive event with a diverse range of activities which encourages teamwork, communication and networking or is simply fun, fun, fun.

Cost-effective but offering real value.


Select a series of activities to fit the time frame and the venue from a list which includes:

  • Taste test
  • Pasta Builder
  • Castaway
  • Fortune or Fake
  • Photo Shop
  • Brain Teasers and Puzzles
  • Dreamliner Challenge
  • Codebreaker


Team Building Event


This is great indoor (and outdoor) team building and excellent fun as well. The different events encourage spirited competition and excellent interaction between the teams.


We will create the perfect experience for your group to maximise your objectives for the day. The variety of activities will require different skills and mind-sets to keep everyone engaged in this highly competitive event.


As in all competitions there are winners but there is so much to gain for everybody. New skills, new knowledge, better teamwork, improved communication and group understanding are just some of the benefits this event will provide for you to take forward.