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Virtual Treasure Hunt

Virtual Teasure Hunt

Looking for a global team building adventure without leaving the office?

Travel the world using all your websearching skills. This is the ideal cost-effective team activity for any location with good internet access.

Team Building Event

The Virtual Global Treasure Hunt will be hosted by one of our knowledgeable team who will start by giving a briefing on the structure and detail of the event. The Global Treasure Hunt manual will be handed out to each team which contains a series of cryptic and visual puzzles. Use all your intuition and imagination, along with a lot of internet surfing, to travel the world hunting for treasured items and places. Once you have all the answers, use this information to solve the final puzzle and find the whereabouts of your holy grail! Teamwork is crucial and some elements will require teams to interact with each other sharing knowledge and ideas. Leave no stone unturned in your quest!

A great indoor competition designed to meet all team building requirements and an excellent and challenging event.