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Wine - The Taste, The World and The Challenge

Wine Challenge

A taste of success

Merlot or Shiraz or Sauvignon or Chardonnay? There is so much more to the fascinating world of wine than this.

A full bodied event with a crisp flavour and a fine vintage, this competitive team event which will not just challenge the taste buds but includes many elements to engage and entertain, even for those who don’t yet have the taste for wine.

Ideal for team building, group development, incentive, celebration or just simply for fun the event has a distinctive flavour and the aroma of success! The event can be held in any suitable meeting space or venue subject to confirmation.


The Wine List - Team Building Event

The Wine Challenge includes:

  • THE KNOWLEDGE – Brain teasers and questions about the world of wine.
  • THE COLLECTION – challenge your knowledge of drinking vessels from our collection. Age? Antique or not? What type of drink would they hold? And of course value – what do you think they are worth?
  • THE TASTE – the wine tasting is led by an expert with years of experience at the very highest level in the wine trade. This will be an exciting and delicious journey of discovery of wines and grape varieties from all over the world.
  • THE RESULT – scores will be added together from the various sections to decide the grand cru from the vin de table of the competing teams.
  • THE FINISH – We offer “gold” medals for the winning team and wooden spoons for the last team but we can also supply personalised bottles of wine as an elegant souvenir of the big event on request

Ready to pop the cork for a great team activity? Just Contact Us for more details.

NB Wine tastings also available as a non- competitive option.

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