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In these strange and difficult times, we salute all those working heroically to deal with the Coronavirus and its consequences.

Even the smallest act of kindness can make a massive difference.

Activefootprint's work focuses on team spirit and togetherness in the workplace but if ever there was a time for everyone to come together with the same sense of purpose it is now.

Every action whether positive or negative will have profound implications. We must all take care, think of others and in fact think of everyone. Difficult times can bring about great and good changes for the future. Theses can include a better sense of community, a stronger appreciation for our fellow human beings and for our precious and fragile world.

We wish everyone all the very best in these very difficult times and look forward to a better, brighter and healthy future. we look forward to running many great team events in the good times to come. Let's build towards it starting right now!

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