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Arts and Antiques Investment Challenge

antiques trading game


This great team event idea is pure profit! The Art and Antiques Investment Challenge is just that and this highly popular activity is suitable for any meeting room or venue. Will the hammer go down to bring profits or losses? Will your team be the new ace investors with the highest profits? A great team event and a fascinating insight into the art market past and present which might inspire you to collect art for yourself - antique or modern! There are no losses in a great team event which will inspire, motivate and entertain your group

Team Building Event

A trading game with a difference – everyone loves profit but can you avoid the losses?? Our Art Investment Expert will be your host as you first build an investment fund using your team’s wealth of general knowledge. You must then use all your skill and intuition to assess and value our collection of antiques and works of art which will go under the hammer in a proper auction. Once you have made your selections, teams must bid against each other using their investment fund to purchase the items and make great profits or maybe bad losses – some of the items will not be what they seem! No great knowledge of is art required - just a spirit of competition and a nose for a bargain!

The Art and Antiques Investment Challenge is a real conversation piece and is ideal for team building, staff development, ice breaking, intern programmes, as part of a business conference, reward or celebration as the whole room becomes a market place for ideas and communication.