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Multi-Activity Challenge

An exciting competitive event with a diverse range of challenges which will keep everyone engaged and entertained. The perfect activity for any indoor meeting venue, exclusive space or private dining room. Can be exclusively indoors or a mix or indoor and outdoor elements to suit your location and the weather! Also available as an online event.


Normally 2 - 3 hours but can be tailored to your requirement


5 up to 300 people

Team Building Event



Select a series of activities to fit the time frame and the venue from a list which includes:

  • CASTAWAY – washed ashore on a desert island! A scavenger hunt with a difference.


  • THE MESSENGER – You have one new message…….! But can you be ingenious and create a new message in our fun and novel challenge.


  • TASTE TEST – how sharp are your taste buds? Can you identify your Cheese and Onion from your Sweet Chilli Crisps or your Pinot Noir from your Cabernet Sauvignon or even various flavours of fine chocolate? A tasty challenge!


  • INTERNATIONAL NUMBERS – Travel the world on a global hunt for answers each connected to a key number. Some are obvious – some are not….


  • CODEBREAKER! – Your mission should you choose to accept it! The clock is ticking, and time is not on your side. Can you uncover some critical data which will lead you to crack a vital code and stop the clock?


  • THE DREAMLINER PROJECT – not just a paper aeroplane challenge there are flight plans to follow.


  • THE BIG PICTURE – classic rebus puzzles but the answers are not concealed in words but pictures. A great visual brain teaser!


  • MASTER BUILDER – create a sculpture, work of art, piece of design or something else (?) with just a few key sustainable and re-cyclable materials? Every team member will have a different idea and concept.



The different events encourage spirited competition and excellent interaction between the teams – a winner all the way.


We will create the perfect experience for your group to maximise your objectives for the day. The variety of activities will require different skills and mind-sets to keep everyone engaged in this highly competitive event.


As in all competitions there are winners but there is so much to gain for bringing everyone together.

Also a great option for a remote event for online and hybrid groups.



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