Teambuilding Excellence Action Motivation

Treasure hunt

The classic treasure hunt will highlight the culture, diversity, heritage and points of interest in any given area as teams compete in this ever-popular event.

Involving the use of a wide range of skills to keep everyone fully involved from navigation, cryptic explorer clues, observational clues, a classic scavenger hunt element and a photographic challenge.

Codebreaker Challenge

Big Brother may be watching you but could you be the next master spies? A great competitive team activity for apprentice secret agents. It can held in any suitable town or city location.

London Taxi Treasure Hunt

taxi treasure hunt

The outdoor team event for all seasons and now with bigger, spacious electric taxis for the best footprint.

Multi-Activity Challenge

An exciting competitive event with a diverse range of challenges which will keep everyone engaged and entertained. The perfect activity for any indoor meeting venue, exclusive space or private dining room. Can be exclusively indoors or a mix or indoor and outdoor elements to suit your location and the weather! Also available as an online event.

Bespoke themed Treasure Hunt

Tale a walk on the wild side! James Bond, Sherlock Holmes, Spies, food, fashion, music etc. we can supply our classic treasure hunt or black cab treasure with a special theme on request.

Food-Themed Treasure Hunt

The Great Activefootprint Menu – Food glorious food! Feeling hungry and got an appetite for a competitive challenge? This is the one for you! Explore the incredible diversity of world cuisine in a selected area of your city or town and undertake a series of food related outdoor and indoor challenges including a lip-smacking taste test.

RIB Speedboat Treasure Hunt

A high-octane competitive event for those looking for an adrenaline ride with the challenge of a treasure hunt first on the water and then on land exploring the great sights and sounds of London.

CSI Murder Mystery – Tower of London or Hampton Court

Everyone loves a bit of mystery and intrigue! How good are your investigative skills? Dark secrets are hidden and you can select either of these great landmark locations for this inventive and exciting event. Solve our murder mystery while you explore these magnificent historic buildings.

London Spy Tour and London Spy Tour Challenge

Can you keep a secret……?
Watch them, watching you! A new and exciting way to explore London and discover this global centre of spies and espionage from the earliest times up to today’s hi tech world of cyber espionage.

There is the option of the tour as a stand-alone activity or as an action-packed competitive team event.

Spies in a Cab! – the espionage hunt

Work undercover as the future ace secret agents in London. With the aid of one of those experts in all the dark arts of espionage – the London Cabbie explore the iconic locations with their links to spies old and new real or possibly fictional. This competitive team event challenges you to use all your skills and ingenuity as you aim to be the new master spies.