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London Spy Tour and London Spy Tour Challenge

Can you keep a secret......? Watch them, watching you! A new and exciting way to explore London and discover this global centre of spies and espionage from the earliest times up to today’s hi tech world of cyber espionage. There is the option of the tour as a stand-alone activity or as an action-packed competitive team event.


2 - 3 hours


5 up to 70 people

Team Building Event

A classic disguise:

Travel in the discreet cover of a classic London Routemaster Bus around the iconic London landmarks and learn about the surprising links with spying down the centuries. Secret Agents in Tudor England, mysterious and bizarre disguises in the times of the Napoleonic Wars, courageous double agents in the two world wars, the dark world of James Bond, Cold War treachery and the modern world of espionage.

Take the intrigue-filled tour which last 1 ½ hours or the exhilarating competitive team challenge which lasts 2 ½ hours with some special spy missions to be completed after the tour as the clock counts down.

The London Spy Tour is ideal for many different requirements including, team building, bonding, incentive, celebration or just simply for fun. We can tailor the event to exactly suit you.

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