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Bletchley Park – Home of the Codebreakers

Codebreaker Challenge -Cracking the code to discover the ultimate teamwork. This iconic place is the story of ordinary people achieving extraordinary things which saved millions of lives and was the launch pad for the digital age we take for granted now. An unforgettable venue for a team building day or away day.

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The Hunt for Answers – the Bletchley Park Codebreaker Challenge. There is so much to discover here in the extraordinary exhibition spaces which tell the incredible stories. Alan Turing’s hut, Enigma machines, the mansion a garage full of vintage vehicles and much, much more. Our competitive team event includes seeking answers both written and visual, a top-secret scavenger hunt, undercover photography and of course codebreaking!

We tailor our corporate events to suit any specific requirement to provide a great experience for you and your group.

All our events are competitive and require teams to use a variety of skills to keep all team members fully engaged. These include code breaking, cryptic clues, observation clues, a scavenger hunt, a camera challenge and navigation skills. Communication, initiative, imagination and creativity are key components and most important of all – teamwork.




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