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Teambuilding, corporate event celebration or simply fun!


London Treasure Hunt, Scavenger Hunt, Codebreaker, Taxi Treasure Hunt, Indoor competitions or Online team games. Available for groups of 5 upwards. Budget friendly, bespoke. Our team events are available all over Central and Outer London. Explore and discover this incredible city old, new, historic, iconic, exciting, diverse and always moving forward.. Teambuilding or fun or a mixture of the two.

Location Information

Your chosen activity will explore the great cultural and historical aspects of any areas of Central or Outer London, to suit your requirement, in an action-packed and highly entertaining way. the choice is yours and if you cannot find your chosen location please contact us and we can arrange this for you.

We tailor our corporate events to suit any specific requirement to provide a great experience for you and your group.

All our team events in London are competitive and require teams to use a variety of skills to keep all team members fully engaged. These include cryptic clues, observation clues, a scavenger hunt, a camera challenge and navigation skills. Communication, initiative, imagination and creativity are key components and most important of all – teamwork.



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