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Treasure hunt

The classic treasure hunt will highlight the culture, diversity, heritage and points of interest in any given area as teams compete in this ever-popular event. Involving the use of a wide range of skills to keep everyone fully involved from navigation, cryptic explorer clues, observational clues, a classic scavenger hunt element and a photographic challenge.


Normally half day 3 hours approx but can be tailored to your time frame


5 up to 300 people

Team Building Event


Flexible and cost-effective, our events are designed to maximize the value for you. We will tailor the event to your specific requirement and time frame. Communication, initiative, ingenuity, inspiration, creativity and above all teamwork are keys to success. Quality not speed will also be valuable!

The perfect activity, suitable for a wide range of locations in the UK and Europe. City, town, historic venue, museum, country hotel or meeting location the choice is yours.

Ideal for any occasion and if you cannot see your chosen location listed in our extensive just contact us and we should be able to help.



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