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The Hunt for Innovation – Science Museum

The perfect equation for a team event – an indoor treasure hunt exploring a science museum devoted to the continuing story of human ingenuity, scientific achievements and innovation.


Normally 2 - 3 hours but can be tailored to your requirement


5 up to 100 people

Team Building Event


We will design and tailor the Active Innovation Game to your corporate or private requirement reflecting your group, your objectives and your values. Explore and discover the incredible legacy of the greatest minds and exceptional inventors who have brought the dramatic progress in science and medicine and how they have the changed the world we live in.

The event will be hosted and managed by our professional, experienced and friendly staff. The introductory briefing will explain the challenges which, with their variety, will keep everyone completely engaged, intrigued and entertained.

Questions and Answers
Images of Achievement
Invention and Innovation
Photography Gallery

Teamwork, great communication, time management, interaction with other teams, creativity and of course innovation are all keys to success. The finale will highlight some of the most interesting ideas and concepts (can you be ahead of your time?) and will conclude with the announcement of the results and our awards!



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