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The Climate Change Challenge – the quest for a better Footprint

he time is now! A new competitive team event which is great for teambuilding, away day or any other occasion with a focus on the most vitally important issue not just for now but for the future. This activity is a revelation which can help create a positive message and intent.


Normally 2 - 3 hours but can be tailored to your requirement


5 up to 300 people

Team Building Event


This sustainable team event has a mission that makes you look at your chosen area in a very different way to discover and highlight what is good and what is bad and how we can change. This thought-provoking event also has some great fun elements to enjoy encouraging innovation, imagination and positivity.


The event can also be a great way to renew and reconfirm your aims and values and add new goals too. At the same time, it is ideal for renewing all aspects of teamwork within your group, cooperation, communication, focus and team bonds.


You can make a difference too and make your own offset. Part of the fee for the event will be donated to one of a selection of organizations trying to combat the effects climate change and reverse the process that threatens our world.

Teambuilding + fun + making a difference = the right choices!


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